Sunday, May 26, 2013

Andrea Polato

Time for introducing myself,
My name is Andrea Polato, I was born in Padova in Italy and currently living in Asserans of Farges in France, a tiny village next to the Jura mountains (Farges_wiki). One of the best happening in Asserans, is the traditional "fete d'Asserans"...a potluck party, with all the citizenship (or better the villageship) that take place one a year in July. Because of my mission I will not attend to it this summer, but my spirit will be there with the Asseranois!
Fete d'Asserans
I work as an engineer at CERN (CERN Home Page), in the field of the cooling and ventilation systems. I have a Marie Curie Fellowship in the CATHI project for the upgrade of the ISOLDE facility in its transition to HIE-ISOLDE. My tasks are related to the improvement of the ventilation system of ISOLDE in order to reach the safety standards required by the installation after the intensity upgrade and to enhance the confinement of the building (I don't want to enter in the details of this, because it may sound boring for 99% of you...and considering that the blog, up to now, had less than 100 means that also myself could be the way if you have specific questions about my professional profile don't hesitate to contact me or consult the websites (ISOLDE/).
Before arriving here I have been working in Japan for about 2 years from 2009 to 2011. A very interesting period spent in a lovely place called Rokkasho-mura....small fisherman village on the Pacific Ocean. The place was a bit cold and lonley, but finally I could survive quite well..
typical Winter in Rokkasho
Well when I say well...we can say that I survived somehow, just consider that during two years I had a cone as a flatmate .. (Conefriend Facebook Page)
 and I developed an insane relationship with a guitar...
Jammin' with a Cone-Friend

Farewell concert for a Cone-friend

Chit-chatting with Guitar
If Conefriend couldn't join me after Japan (he is really linked to Rokkasho), the guitar followed me and I carried on playing it more and more and more and more...what do I play?! bah, we can say that I love blues, but I am far to define myself as a guitar bluesman...I would like one day to reach a level that allow me to play whatever I want without the difficoulties I am having now (experiece, talent...)....anyway since "an hobby, to be an interesting hobby, has to be like a second job" I am playing as much as I can, and I must confess that the results are encouraging me to carry on in this social life is reduced at the minimum level!
Of course the guitar will be in Sweden with me, so I will annoy you also describing the tunes I am working on with a special section of the blog dedicated to this!
Well I think that the post is already too long (most of the people will not arrive to read this last paragraph) I wish you a good Sunday!