Sunday, June 23, 2013


Surströmming: One week after

Surströmming: One week after: Hoi, one week since I landed in the Skane land...just one week and iportant decisions have been taken. the biggest one is: moving from a h...

One week after

one week since I landed in the Skane land...just one week and iportant decisions have been taken. the biggest one is:
moving from a house like this:
To one like this:
I am not crazy and I did it for sure....there are several reasons behind this choice,but I think that the main one is:

the invisible plexiglass table that already tried to kill me and, again, put my life in serious danger once more (the picture is an artistic reconstruction of my accident...).
Instead of sticking on it the figure of the swallows, as on the highway bridges, I thought it was wise to change. Now I am in a student guest house closer to the Lund downtown...the style is a mix between a sovietic skyscraper from the inside and a page of an IKEA catalogue from the inside. The result is pretty cool, and honestly I feel more comfortable in here rather than in the previous accomodation.

The week was a short one: the 21st of June is the mid-summer party, it is an official holyday, characterized by:
- marinated herrings
- potatoes
- strawberry cakes
....about the same menu for all the celebration of the year, with the exception of the strawberrys. By the way the project team of ESS celebrated it, and surprisignly it was sunny (the tradition says that the mid-summer day is raining)

Since my arrival I got an amazing weather (to whom were mocking me about the cold and week, no rain, always sunny, an incredible temperature of 17 degrees that allowed me to wear my early spring/autumn clothes....ok?!)....and something I was not used to in the last years: my car stayed in the parking one week, I never needed to drive a 4 wheels vehicle...everything is at was really missing something like that...running thrugh the cobbled roads of the inner Lund....10 minutes to reach the first bar/shopping center or whatever I need. This will have terrible consequences on my last year in Farges where 10 minutes are necessary to reach the highway and then other 20 minutes to reach Geneva.

Lund, everyone told me that this period it is not the best for staying in students, no party they I got a question: is it possible that eeach and every time I go to a whatever place I arrive always too late and right before my arrival there were tons of people partying every moment of the day???? two possible answers:
- I am "a bit" unlucky; (10% possible)
- people ,when I arrive, run away; ( 9.7% possible if connected with my nickname " 'O Scacciatore")
- I live in a parallel world; (0,3% possible)
- People lie (80% possible)
 By the way the town is really cute and sometimes look like the castle of Harry Potter...bricks, ivy on the walls, green everywhere, wizards, Agrids, Ermiones, kids with a lighting shape on the forehead...

No details about the work, but everything seems extremely interesting, the team gave me a warm welcome ("hei, who are you?...go away! we don't want you, we will give you an office here, under the staircase"), and I hope it will carry on like this up to theend of my period!

- it is not typical from the south of Sweden;
- It comes from the northern part of the country;
- when I speak about it pople goggle and ask me surprised: how do you know avout Surstromming?
- finally none of the Swedish I met tasted it....this makes things even more challenging!

Next weeks there can be suprising events...keep in touch my readers!

Sunday, June 16, 2013


The idea of this space is that every morning I will post the video of the first song I listened on my mp3 device! I start today with this:

Surströmming: LUND!

Surströmming: LUND!: Finally I arrived in Lund! what a good way to toast my arrival in Sweden...cold, rain and wind! Now the weather is turning to sunny, but to...


Finally I arrived in Lund!
what a good way to toast my arrival in Sweden...cold, rain and wind! Now the weather is turning to sunny, but today it was changing continuously...
The arrival in the new house was so easy and straightforward that it seemes that I was the owner of the house. Indeed I I have to thank my landlord that was wrote so precise directions that it was difficoult to miss the way (I prevent you with your easy sentence "Swedish people are precise" this guy is French!).
By the way: 1500 km by car....I would say easy??? yes I confirm they were really pleasant, because of the cities where I stopped and because of the people that I met.
Starting from the Swiss part of the trip:
the picture is for whom knows this bike:
Mistery man bike

nobody could steal the bike during his time in Geneva, thanks to the magic bag that was stick on the back - this according to the owner...people say simply because it was as crapy as the other bikes in Geneva -  but the picture is revealing who I am speaking about! the eye of the Tiger, the man who looks like Ray Charles when he wears sunglasses, the man who pushed the limits of the word "amazing" up to peaks that no humans ever tested before! yes, yes yes, I am speaking about Serkan!
Serkan-ray charles

The Mistery Man
 a mid-day break in Basel was enough to make me understand that in Basel if I see a coat on a seat means that the place is booked (this is what a very kind lady told me..... obviously she wasnt that kind).
Mistery city!
After a light lunch in Veggie restaurant, the road ran fast up to Heidelberg. I was here few years ago during a business trip with the Euro-Japanese team of IFMIF and I still well remembered the town and original castle (one of the few cities not bombed during the WW 2). Due to the good memories of that time and of a fresh beer at the sun, I decided to stop here instead of Frankfurt as originally planned!
Saturday was a long run up to Hamburg, where, I would say, as usual, I met Meike..I promised her a dinner at my arrival, and the deal was respected please Meike I would like you to confirm this!).
Hamburg...always the evening, with the sunset on the port, the water in the city, the water-gates (!! new word learnt yesterday)...

But there ain't nothing like a wake up alarm at 6.45 to go to the fish market to have a breakfast with the classical marinated hering sandwhich! Meike doesn't look that enthusiast, and I can belive it, because she doesn't like fish and early wake up....but I am sure that most of you would dream of such a breakfast meal!

Eating the sandwhich and on the back "a brown submarine with no impeller and no flap inside me (trad. Italian song)"

 after 400 km, a ferry-boat, a the crossing of the Malmo Bridge, and few miles in the Scania region...I finally opened the door of the place that I will call house for the next three months!
It is cool! a big u-shaped house with big windows for the dark winters! I guess it will be not easy to sleep, but as usual I am excited by the first day of work in ESS so I will not sleep so much!
In conclusion, I completed the first step of the mission: landing! at my arrival I didn't see a transparent plexiglas table, and I fell on adventure could finish in that moment, but no problems..Next days will be devoted to the settling down, take the measures of the house, and of the cute town of Lund!
I will keep u updated!

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Wake up call tomorrow at 7 check:
- fridge, empty
- baggage, prepared;
- car, dirty;
- bike, reduced in small pieces and in the trunk
- guitar, sleeping with me
- maps, already in scarsea (in my pocket)
- address of the place where I will live, in scarsea together with the map
waht else? ah yes yes I don have to forget the coffee machine and the powder...(I can't live without!)
The farewell tour today had its last stage with the breakfast together with my office neighbours Uwe, Issam, Alessandro and Fortunato (who furnished the coffee)

Rushmore mountain-like picture

In my childish imagination I was thinking in a quiet day at work...shaking hands, wishes for the summertime, complains about the weather, easy jokes about Swedish way, mates...all day  in a hurry to finalize documents before the departure! but now stop, the storm has passed away (I swear that when i wrote this a real wind and rain storm started...) and tomorrow I will start driving to the north!
I will keep you updated about possible AMAZING meetings I could have on my way.
Ciao ciao, and good night!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Surströmming: One week to go!

Surströmming: One week to go!: Hei, time is running fast, less than 7 day... this week will be devoted to the huge baggage preparation....what shall I put in the boot? wh...

One week to go!

time is running fast, less than 7 day... this week will be devoted to the huge baggage preparation....what shall I put in the boot? what is essential for the trip? what will finally fit in the small Fiesta?...all these questions will be answered during the week
After the dry run test of this morning I can proudly assume that the different pieces of my bike will find a final position in the Tetris-like arrangement of the car trunk. I can't immagine to be there without a I can leave here some clothes, but not the bike!
The trip has been drafted.
About 1500 Km divided in three stages:
  • Farges - Frankfurt (with a brunch-lunch Pit-Stop in Basel with Serkan);
  • Frankfurt - Hamburg (where hopefully I will meet my frind Meike)
  • Hamburg - Lund (where hopefully I will find the house, otherwise my beloved car will work as a caravan for the night).
Last stage of the trip will follow the stage 13th and 15th stages of the cobram's cup wow I am looking forward to be on the same roads, to take the same boat to cross the, while I write you I am fighting against some thrills :) 13th stage  14th stage

Now I think it is wise to go downtown to buy an Europe map...yes, in 2013 I don't have a GPS, so what?
Ciao ciao!