Sunday, June 16, 2013


Finally I arrived in Lund!
what a good way to toast my arrival in Sweden...cold, rain and wind! Now the weather is turning to sunny, but today it was changing continuously...
The arrival in the new house was so easy and straightforward that it seemes that I was the owner of the house. Indeed I I have to thank my landlord that was wrote so precise directions that it was difficoult to miss the way (I prevent you with your easy sentence "Swedish people are precise" this guy is French!).
By the way: 1500 km by car....I would say easy??? yes I confirm they were really pleasant, because of the cities where I stopped and because of the people that I met.
Starting from the Swiss part of the trip:
the picture is for whom knows this bike:
Mistery man bike

nobody could steal the bike during his time in Geneva, thanks to the magic bag that was stick on the back - this according to the owner...people say simply because it was as crapy as the other bikes in Geneva -  but the picture is revealing who I am speaking about! the eye of the Tiger, the man who looks like Ray Charles when he wears sunglasses, the man who pushed the limits of the word "amazing" up to peaks that no humans ever tested before! yes, yes yes, I am speaking about Serkan!
Serkan-ray charles

The Mistery Man
 a mid-day break in Basel was enough to make me understand that in Basel if I see a coat on a seat means that the place is booked (this is what a very kind lady told me..... obviously she wasnt that kind).
Mistery city!
After a light lunch in Veggie restaurant, the road ran fast up to Heidelberg. I was here few years ago during a business trip with the Euro-Japanese team of IFMIF and I still well remembered the town and original castle (one of the few cities not bombed during the WW 2). Due to the good memories of that time and of a fresh beer at the sun, I decided to stop here instead of Frankfurt as originally planned!
Saturday was a long run up to Hamburg, where, I would say, as usual, I met Meike..I promised her a dinner at my arrival, and the deal was respected please Meike I would like you to confirm this!).
Hamburg...always the evening, with the sunset on the port, the water in the city, the water-gates (!! new word learnt yesterday)...

But there ain't nothing like a wake up alarm at 6.45 to go to the fish market to have a breakfast with the classical marinated hering sandwhich! Meike doesn't look that enthusiast, and I can belive it, because she doesn't like fish and early wake up....but I am sure that most of you would dream of such a breakfast meal!

Eating the sandwhich and on the back "a brown submarine with no impeller and no flap inside me (trad. Italian song)"

 after 400 km, a ferry-boat, a the crossing of the Malmo Bridge, and few miles in the Scania region...I finally opened the door of the place that I will call house for the next three months!
It is cool! a big u-shaped house with big windows for the dark winters! I guess it will be not easy to sleep, but as usual I am excited by the first day of work in ESS so I will not sleep so much!
In conclusion, I completed the first step of the mission: landing! at my arrival I didn't see a transparent plexiglas table, and I fell on adventure could finish in that moment, but no problems..Next days will be devoted to the settling down, take the measures of the house, and of the cute town of Lund!
I will keep u updated!


  1. invidia massima per la colazione ad amburgo!

  2. era per te il dettaglio della colazione!

  3. it would have been a great bike ride!

  4. You revealed the secret about the mystery bike! Now everyone can make use of it... Slowly they will adapt the habit so the cities will be full of bikes with plastic bags. Imagine, no bikes would be stolen anymore, perfect happiness in the biker-world!! You're welcome, world :P

  5. so many years to understand the secret of the magic lock