Thursday, June 13, 2013


Wake up call tomorrow at 7 check:
- fridge, empty
- baggage, prepared;
- car, dirty;
- bike, reduced in small pieces and in the trunk
- guitar, sleeping with me
- maps, already in scarsea (in my pocket)
- address of the place where I will live, in scarsea together with the map
waht else? ah yes yes I don have to forget the coffee machine and the powder...(I can't live without!)
The farewell tour today had its last stage with the breakfast together with my office neighbours Uwe, Issam, Alessandro and Fortunato (who furnished the coffee)

Rushmore mountain-like picture

In my childish imagination I was thinking in a quiet day at work...shaking hands, wishes for the summertime, complains about the weather, easy jokes about Swedish way, mates...all day  in a hurry to finalize documents before the departure! but now stop, the storm has passed away (I swear that when i wrote this a real wind and rain storm started...) and tomorrow I will start driving to the north!
I will keep you updated about possible AMAZING meetings I could have on my way.
Ciao ciao, and good night!