Sunday, June 23, 2013

One week after

one week since I landed in the Skane land...just one week and iportant decisions have been taken. the biggest one is:
moving from a house like this:
To one like this:
I am not crazy and I did it for sure....there are several reasons behind this choice,but I think that the main one is:

the invisible plexiglass table that already tried to kill me and, again, put my life in serious danger once more (the picture is an artistic reconstruction of my accident...).
Instead of sticking on it the figure of the swallows, as on the highway bridges, I thought it was wise to change. Now I am in a student guest house closer to the Lund downtown...the style is a mix between a sovietic skyscraper from the inside and a page of an IKEA catalogue from the inside. The result is pretty cool, and honestly I feel more comfortable in here rather than in the previous accomodation.

The week was a short one: the 21st of June is the mid-summer party, it is an official holyday, characterized by:
- marinated herrings
- potatoes
- strawberry cakes
....about the same menu for all the celebration of the year, with the exception of the strawberrys. By the way the project team of ESS celebrated it, and surprisignly it was sunny (the tradition says that the mid-summer day is raining)

Since my arrival I got an amazing weather (to whom were mocking me about the cold and week, no rain, always sunny, an incredible temperature of 17 degrees that allowed me to wear my early spring/autumn clothes....ok?!)....and something I was not used to in the last years: my car stayed in the parking one week, I never needed to drive a 4 wheels vehicle...everything is at was really missing something like that...running thrugh the cobbled roads of the inner Lund....10 minutes to reach the first bar/shopping center or whatever I need. This will have terrible consequences on my last year in Farges where 10 minutes are necessary to reach the highway and then other 20 minutes to reach Geneva.

Lund, everyone told me that this period it is not the best for staying in students, no party they I got a question: is it possible that eeach and every time I go to a whatever place I arrive always too late and right before my arrival there were tons of people partying every moment of the day???? two possible answers:
- I am "a bit" unlucky; (10% possible)
- people ,when I arrive, run away; ( 9.7% possible if connected with my nickname " 'O Scacciatore")
- I live in a parallel world; (0,3% possible)
- People lie (80% possible)
 By the way the town is really cute and sometimes look like the castle of Harry Potter...bricks, ivy on the walls, green everywhere, wizards, Agrids, Ermiones, kids with a lighting shape on the forehead...

No details about the work, but everything seems extremely interesting, the team gave me a warm welcome ("hei, who are you?...go away! we don't want you, we will give you an office here, under the staircase"), and I hope it will carry on like this up to theend of my period!

- it is not typical from the south of Sweden;
- It comes from the northern part of the country;
- when I speak about it pople goggle and ask me surprised: how do you know avout Surstromming?
- finally none of the Swedish I met tasted it....this makes things even more challenging!

Next weeks there can be suprising events...keep in touch my readers!

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