Saturday, June 8, 2013

One week to go!

time is running fast, less than 7 day... this week will be devoted to the huge baggage preparation....what shall I put in the boot? what is essential for the trip? what will finally fit in the small Fiesta?...all these questions will be answered during the week
After the dry run test of this morning I can proudly assume that the different pieces of my bike will find a final position in the Tetris-like arrangement of the car trunk. I can't immagine to be there without a I can leave here some clothes, but not the bike!
The trip has been drafted.
About 1500 Km divided in three stages:
  • Farges - Frankfurt (with a brunch-lunch Pit-Stop in Basel with Serkan);
  • Frankfurt - Hamburg (where hopefully I will meet my frind Meike)
  • Hamburg - Lund (where hopefully I will find the house, otherwise my beloved car will work as a caravan for the night).
Last stage of the trip will follow the stage 13th and 15th stages of the cobram's cup wow I am looking forward to be on the same roads, to take the same boat to cross the, while I write you I am fighting against some thrills :) 13th stage  14th stage

Now I think it is wise to go downtown to buy an Europe map...yes, in 2013 I don't have a GPS, so what?
Ciao ciao!

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