Sunday, July 14, 2013

4th WEEK

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for the first time of my life I played rugby (Lucio C would be proud of me, I know) of my coleagues is French, another one is British...result, instead of the good old football match afterwork, what if we play rugby?..what if...what if, I never played before, but ok let's give it a try. 
  • Easy version for beginners, touch rugby: no tackle just touch and stop the game: done
  • a bit more difficoult, walking rugby: normal rules, but not allowed to run: contacts are quite hard, but ok, my "teachers" are taking care of me.
  • Final match "normalrugbybutguysdon'ttackletoohardAndreathatisthefirsttimeforhim": 20 as the hell, full of blue tatoos on my body and ribs like this (Andrea's ribs) more or less
The funny thing is that most of the times I committed suicide in the sense that falling - alone - I hurt my chest with MY ARM! result of this first contact: no sleep for two nights, friday night I had the fever...and moving on the bed was a real time (I already confirmed that I will participate again) I will be more careful with my strongest opponent: myself...
The evening ended with one beer with the no it wasn't one, maybe two, mmm no I think more three...well I don't remember exactly, but it was really funny indeed.
hopefully now I recovered and today I was able to ride the bike and play the guitar again, so I would say that all the important things are fine, I have smoe insingicifant rpoblemsm to slpel teh wrods, but I can confrim thta I ma ok!
ahahah great!
I close saying that sun is shining outside but days are getting shorter and shorter (someone told me 7 minutes per day that is a lot!) and I can celarly see it, I am a bit sad because of that....
Ciao ciao! 
Andrea "Colin McRib" Polato

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