Thursday, July 4, 2013


it has been a while since I didnt update the blog. No justification, but I was super busy. Now I am writing you from Italy where I had to come back for some important reasons. Without entering in the details of them, just consider that since I arrived in Lund I have been there for less than 7 days out of is a bit tiring, and I would like to stop a bit in order to explore the place!
but let's proceed with a short summary.

Second Week:
Saturday morning...wake up (early as usual)....rain outside, it is clear...but there is something different in the air, don't know what's this, but yes, something different. let me open the window to check if all is ok..

Ah ok, nothing new in Geneve: it rains....STOP. GENEVE??? why am I in Geneve??? ahhhh yes now I remember. I had to come back for one week to attend a training/review applied on a real life case of a project that I followed in its design ( MEDICIS). Even though in the beginning I wasnt so motivated to travel again (laziness basically) the end I grabbed the first flight available (thanks to the secretaries of my group and to the travel service of CERN for the immediate answer to my request to organzie the journey) and I attended the course!
I had the great honour to be, for the first time, a real Geneve's citizen, since my beloved Farges was a bit too far(ges) to be reached without a car. Finally I was in the guests room of some friends, and I had a great time with them, in particular helping Silvia to win a match on a quiz game on the phone (the answer to the state of birth of Bob Dylan is a three points shot that still shines in the sky).
Lullaby to a dinner: Mozzarella in a lettuce-shirt
I had also time to have an Indian lunch with Leonel-Pasquale and Aurelio-Pasquale...really pleasent Madras style meal!

Third Week
before taking the plane to Italy I went a concert in Copenhagen. The artist was Corey Harris, that I had the pleasure to listen some years ago in summer event in Padova (there was a time when in my hometown sometimes there were some very good gigs...). Great root-blues artist mixing acoustic country blues with sounds and featurings from Africa and Jamaica..the result is an interesting melting pot, that his voice and charming presence make coherent and fantastic!

I was with my friend Chris who is actually living in Copenhagen....I really envy him :) you know I love this city, where you can also buy beers in the supermarket. I say this because in Sweden it is not allowed, and in the supermakets only low alchool beers can be found.....big drawback.
The evening spent together was amazing, also due to the anchovies pizza that I ate before reaching the airport (no way, this is the best pizza ever created, also taken into account the byeffect of it: the incredible amount of salt present that made my vains hard as steel pipes and making me thirsty as if I was out of a desert walk).

By the way I finally reached Padova where I am writing you from. I will reach back Lund on Saturday and hopefully this time will be for a longer period!
Hope to write you some Swedish words soon!
For the moment only veneto-Italian dialect cheers: "Ciao tosi, xe sentimo presto!"

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