Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Baaaaaand!

"The Baaaaand" was shouting Jake Blues, listening to the sermon of James Brown in Blues Brothers! and The Baaand is what is gonna play in ESS next thursday! the 22nd of August the first gig of Loading Dock Band (John: mandolin,  Zvonko: mandolin, Dave: banjo, Ken: lead fiddle, Andrea: guitar, Anders: guitar)  is gonna take place in occasion of the "End Of Summer Fika"!
As you know our playlist is a country-ish/bluegrass-ish/celtic-ish/Irish-ish and whatever sounds a bit old and "ish" and is not blues or Jazz...The office is full of banners advertising the, I think there is no room left for running away...I will keep you updated with whatever material from the event!
Long time I haven't posted anything, but honestly....nothing happened in the last 3 weeks! ahaha no I am jockin'; the thing is that the exceptional summer of this year was inviting all the citizens of the Gulag (the name of the "Klostergardern student house" where I and other coleagues live) to stay in the park and enjoy, like lizards, the warm evenings.
The Gulag

I think I never had as many BBQ as in Lund...days and days with the face covered with a fine coal make-up, like a train driver of the 19th century!! Today, fortunately, is autumn...rain, wind and I have time to write some lines!

Great Friday night in Malmo for the opening act of the Caryfish Festival....basically the festival works like this:
  • you bring your own food;
  • you bring your own beers;
  • you bring your own shots (maaaaaany shots);
  • if you are lucky u can grab a table, if not you bring your own and also chairs;
Bizzarre, I know, but at least there are no lines at the food boots. I have to say that the atmosphere was quite tipsy and,  at a point, I was able to make a friend (after what I forced him to do I don't know if he still calls me "friend") drink a shot made with the salty water pouring down the crayfish.."it was really disgusting and I wanted to punch you!" (he told me after he woke up from the faint). A part from this really interesting experiences, the festival is really cool and the concerts line-up is amazing and, more than this, it is free (give your hands to the word "free")!
To conclude the post I attach hereby a picture taken from the Malmo Central Station (the automatic voice of the train normally announce it "Màlmò Centrooooooole") that made me understand that, eventually, Sweden is not a very dangerous place to stay!
Looking at this picture I realized that I am wearing the same clothes of Friday, so I think It is a wise choice to tell you that "I am gonna blow this popsicle stand" (I learnt this new phrase to say in a really rude is time to leave this place, thank you Steph, Dave and Alex for the urban English lectures!) to take a shower!
Ciao Ciao

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